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My questions

  1. which is best electric stove or microwave oven? please suggest
  2. ஏன் மதுரை IT பார்க்கிற்கு பெரிய கம்பனிகள் (அதிகம்) வரவில்லை ?
  3. why we cannot merge the pondychery with tamilnadu? (in india states are separate by language) 
  4. why most of the central government organizations/research institutes are started in north india only? 
  5. any free foreign tender website do u know?
  6. why i cannot able to earn from adsense with having more than 300 net/online friends ? please click ads my friends
  7. in kerala lord krishna is favourite god but that god's function of diwali is not celebrated in kerala why?
  8. why no subsidy for electric bikes?

please answer my questions and get popularity

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