Sunday, June 05, 2011

Learn Malayalam

Greetings (In English) (In Malayalam)
GOODBYE Poyitu Varatte
HOW ARE YOU Sugam thane alle?
FINE THANK YOU Sugamaane, Nanni
WELCOME Swagatham
I LOVE KERALA Nyan Keralathe ishtapedunnu
KERALA IS BEAUTIFUL Keralam sundaram aane
YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL! Ningal sundari aane

WHAT IS YOUR NAME? Ningalude peeru endha?
HOW DO I GO THERE? Nyan avide yengane pogum.
HOW MUCH IS THIS? Idu yethra aane?
WHERE IS YOUR HOUSE? Ningalude veedu evide aane?
WHERE IS THE NEAREST POLICE STATION? Aduthulla Police Station yevide aane?
WHERE CAN I GO SHOPPING? Nyan Shoppingine yevide pokum?
HOW IS YOUR HEALTH NOW? Ningalude aarogyam yengane ondu?
WHAT ARE YOU DOING? Ningal ippol yendu cheyannu?
WOULD YOU JOIN ME FOR LUNCH TODAY? Ningal innu yende koode Lunchinu varunno?
HOW DO I GO TO THE AIRPORT ? Nyan Airportil yengane pokum?
WHAT ARE THE TOURISTS SPOTS AROUND? Ivide ulla tourist spots yeedokkeyaanu?
WHERE SHALL WE MEET ? Nammal yevide kaanum?
WHEN WAS THIS BUILT ? Idu yeppolaanu nirmichidu?
WAS THERE A CALL FOR ME? Yenikki yedengilum call undaayirunno?
WHERE CAN I MAKE A PHONE CALL? Yevide ninnu yenikku phone cheyan pattum?

I WANT TO GO TO... Yenikku ….....Pokanam
I HAVE LOST MY WAY Yenikku vazhi thetti?
STRAIGHT AHEAD Neere munnotu
GO TO THE LEFT Idathe vazhiyil pookuka
GO TO THE RIGHT Valuthu vazhiyil pookuka


PLEASE Deyavaayi
SORRY Kshemikanam
I WILL COME BACK Nyan thirichu varum
I WANT IT Yenniku veenum
I DON'T WANT IT Yenniku veenda
THIS IS GOOD Idu nalladaanu
LET US GO Namakku Pokam
GET ME A GLASS OF WATER Yeniki oru glass vellam tharu
I WANT TO TRY AGAIN Yeniki veendum shremikyanam
CAN I HAVE THE TARIFF CARD PLEASE Deyavaayi, yeniki tariff card tharu
I'II MEET YOU AT 6.00 IN THE EVENING Nyan vaiguttu aaru manikku ninne kaanaam...
PLEASE TRANSLATE THIS INTO ENGLISH Deyavaayi englishil parivarthanam cheyummo?
PLEASE WAIT UNTIL I AM BACK Nyan thirichhu varunnadu vare kaathirikku.
THE WEATHER IS PLEASANT HERE Ivide kaalaavastha nalladaanu
DRIVE SLOWLY Saawadanam drive cheyuka
PACK THESE THINGS Eee saadanangal podiyuka
HOW MUCH TIME WILL IT TAKE? . Yethra samayam edukkum?
WHAT IS THE COST OF THIS? Idinde vila yethrayanu?
HOW SOON? Yethra pettannu?
HOW MUCH? Yethra tholam?

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