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trivandrum-kerala- lifestyle

  1. Comparison/difference between tamilnadu and kerala:
  2. compare between chennai and trivandrum 
  3. tips for trivandrum shifting peoples
  1. trivandrum (thiruvananthapuram, kerala) is a nice, calm city with full of greenish trees and beautiful homes
  2. in all the home having garden and car parking space also available in each house
  3. in trivandrum homes no more shelf and chapel shelf 
  4. fare and rates are medium but rent in techno park near areas only very high
  5. techno park is not like tidel park its look like a industrial estate
  6. In last 5 years back all auto use meter for fare but in 2011 not put on meter just ask high amount.
  7. good climate without pollution. what a greenish area, really this is the god's own country.
  8. KSEB (street light) and all homes used CFL 
  9. No power cuts in kerala, but in tamilnadu state(daily 3 hrs power shutdown for the past 2 years) upto march 2012, but from may 2012 in kerala daily 0.30hr power cut
  10. no very sweet taste in trivandrum palapalam
  11. in trivandrum, heavy rainy season is is june only
  12. kerala government buses(KSRTC) are very strong, fast drive and no cut marks or any names in back of any seats. so bus safe. peoples are also good
  13. old people and children are very careful at travel in bus because they drive so fast
  14. here  government schools are also have own school bus and english medium also. (why try this idea in tamilnadu also)
  15. but areas and roads are high up and towns with big turnings.
  16. more north indian boys are work here as labour in construction works.
  17. all males must wear dhoties in temples is compulsory
  18. in trivandrum no 200mg Milma milk packet and milk is like water compare to avin (tamilnadu milk)
  19. no tricycles and no variety rice in hotels
  20. malayalees sale banana as in weight (kilograms) but sale fish as in counting, this is opposite in tamilnadu 
  21. here sesame oil is in 100 mg pack but coconut oil is in 1 ltr pack
  22. here local sesame oil and milma milk is not tasty
  23. in kerala all offices are mostly closed in 5.30pm, they respect labours
  24. in trivandrum no parcel tea or coffee as like in tamilnadu
  25. in trivandrum houses are build in above 6 cents so all houses are very big
  26. some houses build by round pillar and hallow block stones only
  27. in trivandrum are more insects so all insects are come inside to house so i kill more insects
  28. kerala area is more suitable for biology and zoology students studies
  29. in trivandrum no function like ear ring putting for boys only do for girls. and also not more expenses to uncle for functions.
  30. no powerful lights in main junctions this is less safety this is only drawback of kerala
  31. do not buy snacks and vegetables, fruits in big malls
  32. more ladies are going to job
  33. in kerala for government employees salary is give on monthly 1st
  34. Only 1.30 hrs given for KSPSC exams (in TNPSC gives 3 hrs for exams)
  35. 24 hrs drinking water comes
  36. lady conductor also there
  37. in school quarterly leave comes with onam holidays & half yearly leave comes with chirstmas holidays.
  38. in supplyco (as like as co-op society in tamilnadu) there is discount for ration card holder
  39. in kerala more trees are there workers are ask more money to cut the trees
  40. in kerala more margin free markets and co-op banks are well developed and functioning well
  41. In trivandrum some routes are no buses and share auto kzhakkottam to KINFRA, gandhipuram to chavadimukku, sreekariyam to veli beach etc,
  42. in kerala for girls in marriage they give 50 povun gold jewels, but not much of house hold things are not given. 

  43. No free bus pass for students, and no concession pass for regular passenger also 
  44. all rates are high.
  45. in kerala vinayagar chaturthi and saraswathy pooja dates are different when compare to our tamilnadu
for more about trivandrum please visit metro city
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