tips to win tenders

Seek guidance from an expert, especially if this is your first time

There are some excellent websites and consultants which provides guide line to tendering. They can be expensive but the dividends are good and you will be satisfied with the money you spend.

Always plan and research before you submit your tender

Plan your response carefully and properly research the requirements and terms and conditions given in the tender document. It is always useful to know the complete specifications of the required items and match them with the specifications of your product,this will save you from complications in future.

Be a specialist contractor

Always ask yourself are you capable of providing these products or services. It is always wise to take part in the tender which is related to your specialized field of supply or services. You can earn a good reputation of specialist contractor by staying in your specific field.

Timeline your tender response

Tenders which involve a large amount of money or large number of items may seem complicated and may involve lots of document filling. So prepare a timeline of your tender response. This will make life much easier for you and you will be able to submit the response on time.

The role of tender team

The role of tender manager is very important.If the tender is of high value you may need subordinates of tender manager who will work on different parts of tendering process; you may also need a coordinator to to facilitate the team. Make a 'tender planner' and make sure everyone knows what is his duty in this project. A tender can be lost by poor team management or can be won by good team effort.

Deliver the best products you have

Make sure you are clear in mind at what you do and make every effort to deliver the best product or service you offer. It's a great achievement to win a tender and now you should be able to do your best to satisfy the tendering department. This will make it much easier to win your next tender.

Be selective
Only go for the tenders you’re likely to win. Tendering is time-consuming – better to spend time searching for ‘best fits’ than waste time tendering for contracts you’ll never win.

Be prepared
Spend time standardising all your policies – health and safety, quality, insurances, accounts, etc – and have them all available electronically.

Choose a team
Tendering is not a one-man job. Involve key players, administrators and management personnel, and consider using external ‘resources’, including consultants.

Assess their needs
Think about the buyer and their needs. That’s the key to a winning pitch!

Answer the question
Don’t fudge it - a poor answer may hold back your bid. But do be honest... you will be found out if you lie.

Get the facts
Keep in touch with the buyer. Ask questions if you feel you need more information.

Ask for feedback
Whether you win or lose, constructive feedback will make the next bid easier.
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