Advanced Personality
Extraversion 60%
Stability 26%
Orderliness 70%
Accommodation 50%
Interdependence 36%
Intellectual 76%
Mystical 76%
Artistic 83%
Religious 10%
Hedonism 76%
Materialism 50%
Narcissism 23%
Adventurousness 50%
Work ethic 30%
Self absorbed 30%
Conflict seeking 50%
Need to dominate 63%
Romantic 76%
Avoidant 50%
Anti-authority 43%
Wealth 43%
Dependency 36%
Change averse 56%
Cautiousness 83%
Individuality 76%
Sexuality 36%
Peter pan complex 23%
Physical security 83%
Physical Fitness 10%
Histrionic 83%
Paranoia 83%
Vanity 56%
Hypersensitivity 50%
Female cliche 63%
Adventurousness:  Average
Affectionateness:  Somewhat Doting
Believability:  Average
Confidence:  Average
Independence:  Average
Mood:  Average
Romance:  Average
Sociability:  Average
Thought Process:  Average
Tolerance:  Average
Abortion:   No
Animal Rights:   Yes
Capital Punishment:   Yes
Gays in Military:   Of course
Homelessness:   Terrible
Legalizing Drugs:   No
Pornography:   No
Religion:   A cause of problems
Roberto Enigni:   Brilliant
Population: reduce and enjoy
Pollution: please avoid pollution
Corruption: Dont give and dont buy
Dowry: Dont give and dont buy
Height: 5' 3 "    (173 cm)
Weight: 45 kg
Eye Color: Black
Best Attribute(s): eyes
Hair: Black
Physique: Average
I Look Like: Me
Religion: Hindu
Smoking: Non-Smoker
Drinking: Non-drinker
Has children?: Yes
Wants children?: Yes
Education: Diploma DECE
What do you do for a living?:   I work for myself....entrepenuer
Alcohol:  No
Dress:  Average
Energy:  Very High
Happy Hour:  Never
How big is religion in your life?:  Not a Part At All
Neatness:  Average
Punctuality:  Often Early
Sex Drive:  Somewhat High
Spending:  Average
Work Ethic:  Driven
my idea of a perfect first date:
From my past relationships i learned:
five things i can't live without:
in my bedroom you will find:
My Interests
Music groups or solo artists that I listen to
Movies that I recommend watching muthalvan, samurai, eevan
Things I want to do with my life to become a ceo of software company
Types of pets that I enjoy fish
Websites that I regularly visit,
Books I have read
Video games that I play
Foods and beverages curd rice with pickles
Places I have studied madurai, sivagangai
Places I have worked trivandrum, coimbatore, chennai, madurai
People I admire abdul kalam, bill gates
Places I have visited hyderabad, chennai, coimbatore, kolkatta, delhi, trichy
Places I would like to visit malaysia, singapore
Products that I use laptop, tv, fridge, bike, mobilephone
Technologies that interest me bluetooth, ajax, rfid, web2.o
Automobiles I have driven or would like to drive car, aeroplane
Roles that I play in life business magnet
Life Goal: Become a big business man
Strength: Self confidence and patient
Weakness: Unlucky and spex
Self awareness: Planning and preparation
Behaviour: Honest and sincerity
Character: Kindness and ardworking
Assets: proactivity and adaptability
Physical Standards:
Height: 170cm
Weight: 46kg
Visual: Longseight
Walking: 2km in 10min
Cycling: 2km in 6min
Swimming: 1km in 10min
Running: 2km in 5min
Long Jumb:
My Identification Mark:
A thick black mole above the right collar bone
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