Benefits of HTML5 and CSS3

  • It would be worth mentioning that both HTML5 and CSS3 offer you with readable codes and semantically meaningful layouts.
  • As there are lot of tutorials available, any body with the zeal of creating new designs will be able to produce extraordinary layouts with these two technologies.
  • Needless to mention, though both of these technologies are still under development, most of the browsers and mobile devices already support HTML 5 and CSS3.
  • HTML 5 has the added support for
  • The codes through HTML 5 can place a video on a page with visible controls to pause, play and scrub through the video files which is not possible otherwise.
  • Designers get the power of embedding audio, video and vector graphics into your web pages without the usage of flash.
  • Methodologies in modern web development like client side storage, offline caching and cross document messaging are made easy with the usage of these two technologies .
  • CSS3 makes layout design so simple and easy. Both HTML5 and CSS3 help the designer work and give you results which are compatible with the previous version of the browsers also which could have been much difficult otherwise .
  • On the whole, the new HTML5 features enhances the developers to avoid wasting time in creating custom tools or using third – party solutions.
  • HTML 5 also has the facility of inclusion of fallback content for non supporting browsers.
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