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Audience Intelligence

Web users are at the heart of the advertising eco-system. Accurately modeling users and predicting their intent is key to the success of our online advertising business. A Web user's intent is influenced by a variety of factors, including demography, context, and social networks. It is important for us to also understand the user's hidden intent, based on actions including search queries, browsing history, and various other activities. Along with user intent modeling, privacy concerns are a business imperative. In this research area, we develop algorithms related to user intelligence around user profiles, user behaviors and targeting, user intent, user interaction, and privacy preserving methods and algorithms.

A brief introduction of the tools in this category is provided below. You can explore more by clicking on each individual tool.

Demographics Prediction
This tool predicts a user's age, gender, and other demographic information, based on their online behavior, such as what queries they search online and what Web sites they visit. It lets merchants learn more about their customers before bidding for keywords.

Detecting Online Commercial Intention
Web page searches display two levels of commercial intent: informational and transactional. This tool can detect customer intent to acquire information or to purchase products based on their search queries or recently visited URLs. For example, if a customer searches for "canon digital camera," it is likely that they want to purchase a Canon digital camera; therefore, the online commercial intent is strong, with a confidence level larger than 0.5. This tool can be used to find keywords that have low bid density (low price), but high commercial value.

Explore MSN
This tool provides an integrated system that helps publishers to understand the content of their websites and how end users use the content. Here we use MSN portal web site as an example to showcase these technologies. By indexing the Web pages of the site and analyzing Web log of the pages, publishers can rank pages according to their keywords or topics and demographic or geographic information. The result can help publishers understand the advertising opportunities and optimize their ads placement.

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