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Tester Roles and Responsibilities

Responsibilities of a Test Manager:

− Manage the Testing Department.
− Allocate resource to projects.
− Review weekly Testers' status reports and take necessary actions
− Escalate Testers' issues to the Sr. Management.
− Estimate for testing projects.
− Enforce the adherence to the company's Quality processes and procedures.
− Decision to procure Software Testing tools for the organization.
− Inter group co-ordination between various departments.
− Provide technical support to the Testing team.
− Continuous monitoring and mentoring of Testing team members.
− Review of test plans and test cases.
− Attend weekly meeting of projects and provide inputs from the Testers' perspective.
− Immediate notification/escalation of problems to the Sr. Test Manager / Senior Management.
− Ensure processes are followed as laid down.

Responsibilities of a Test Lead:

− Prepare the Software Test Plan. 
− Check / Review the Test Cases document 
- System Integration and User Acceptance prepared by test engineers. 
− Analyze requirements during the requirements analysis phase of projects. 
− Keep track of the new requirements from the Project. 
− Forecast / Estimate the Project future requirements. 
− Arrange the Hardware and software requirement for the Test Setup. 
− Develop and implement test plans. 
− Escalate the issues about project requirements (Software Hardware Resources) to Project Manager / Test Manager. 
− Escalate the issues in the application to the Client. 
− Assign task to all Testing Team members and ensure that all of them have sufficient work in the project. 
− Organize the meetings. 
− Prepare the Agenda for the meeting for example: Weekly Team meeting etc. 
− Attend the regular client call and discuss the weekly status with the client. 
− Send the Status Report (Daily Weekly etc.) to the Client. 
− Frequent status check meetings with the Team. 
− Communication by means of Chat / emails etc. with the Client (If required).
− Act as the single point of contact between Development and Testers for iterations Testing and deployment activities. 
− Track and report upon testing activities including testing results test case coverage required resources defects discovered and their status performance baselines etc. 
− Assist in performing any applicable maintenance to tools used in Testing and resolve issues if any. 
− Ensure content and structure of all Testing documents / artifacts is documented and maintained. 
− Document implement monitor and enforce all processes and procedures for testing is established as per standards defined by the organization. 
− Review various reports prepared by Test engineers. 
− Log project related issues in the defect tracking tool identified for the project. 
− Check for timely delivery of different milestones. 
− Identify Training requirements and forward it to the Project Manager (Technical and Soft skills). 
− Attend weekly Team Leader meeting. 
− Motivate team members. 
− Organize / Conduct internal trainings on various products.

Responsibilities of a tester:

- Understand project requirements. 
- Prepare Update the Test case document for testing of the application from all aspects. 
- Prepare the test setup. 
- Deploy the build in the required setup. 
- Conduct the Testing including Sanity and functional Execute the Test cases. 
-Update the Test Result document. 
- Attend the Regular client calls. 
- Log / File the defects in Defect tracking tool / Bug Report. 
- Verify defects. 
- Discuss doubts/queries with Development Team / Client. 
- Conduct internal trainings on various products.

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