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source of program/ Business logic

I. Code Prefix:

SH       ST        10        0001
|        |        |        |________Serial number
|        |        |______________Year
|        |____________________Particular short name
|__________________________Company/Institute short name

No.      Particulars                             Code preview

  1. Staff Code                        SHST100001
  2. Manufacturer Code             SHM100001
  3. Supplier Code                    SHSP100001
  4. Product Code                     SHP100001
  5. Patient code                      SHPT100001
  6. Branch code                      SHBR0001
  7. Department Code               SHD0001
  8. Course code                      SHC0001
  9. Subject code                     SHSB0001
  10.  Exam code                       SHEX10001
  11.  Token Number                   SHT100001
  12.  Report No                        SHOPR100001, SHMR100001,
  13.  Receipt No                       SHR100001
  14.  Purchase order no             SHPO100001
  15.  Bill Number                       SHBL100001
  16.  Lab Test number               SHLT100001
  17.  Tender Number                 SHTD100001
  18.  Book No                           SHBK100001
  19.  Machines No                     SHMC100001
  20.  Certificate No                             SHTC100001
  21.  Complaint Registration No    SHCR100001
  22.  Error code                        BCSHSE0001

II. Types of leaves

Earned Leave (EL)
Restricted Leave (RL)
Maternity Leave (ML)
Extraordinary Leave on Loss of Pay (LOP)
Casual Leave (CL)
Special Casual Leave (SCL)
Medical Leave (ML)
Compensatory leave (CPL)

III. Types of Loans:

Personal Loan
Home Appliances loan
Education loan
Housing loan
Computer loan
Vehicle loan
Festival advance
Medical Advance

IV. Types of Online Exams:

Entrance Test
Assessment Test
Final Exam

Types of Treatments:

First Aid
General Checkup
Lab Test
Insured Patients

V. Predefined Certificates:

TDS certificate
Salary Certificate
Experience Certificate
Bonafide Certificate
Franchise/Partner Certificate
Doctor fitness certificate
Doctor fitness certificate

Appointment Letter
Approval letter
Purchase order

Leave Application
Job Application
Course Application
Loan Application

VI. Day Medical Functions: Alerts

Feb 4                      World Cancer Day
Mar 2nd Thursday      World Kidney Day
Mar 23                    World Tuberculosis Day
Apr 2                      World Autism Awareness Day
Apr 6                      Transgender Day Of Empowerment (TDOE)
Apr 7                      World Health Day
Apr 17                     World haemophilia day
Apr 25                     International Noise Awareness Day & World Malaria Day
May 8                     World Red Cross Day
May 9                     Mothers Day
May 1st Tuesday       World Asthma Day
May 12                    International Nurses day
May 15                    Family day
May 19                    World Hepatitis Day
May 31                    No-tobacco day
June 14                   World Blood Donation Day
Jun 26                     Anti-emergency day & Anti drug abuse day
July 1                      Doctors day
July 11                    World population day
Aug1-7                    World Breast feeding week
Sep 1st Sunday         National Grandparents Day
Sep 10                    World Suicide Prevention Day
Sep 28                    World Heart Day & World Rabies Day
Oct 4                      World animal welfare day
Oct 10                    World Mental Health Day & World sight day
Oct 11                    World allergy awareness day
Oct 16                    World food day
Nov 2                      World Pneumonia Day
Nov 14                    World diabetes day
Nov 19                    world toilet day
Dec 1                      World AIDS Day
Dec 3                      Disabled person’s day

VII. Calculations:

HR Calculations
PF =
Professional Tax =
Pension =

Finance Calculations
Service Tax = 10.3%
Sales Tax (VAT) = 4%
LD charge = 0.5%
CST              =
Central Excise duty = 5%
Loan Interest = 2%
TDS    =
Discount = 1%
Outstanding payment charge = 18% per annum
Property document charge = 8%

Utility Calculations
EB Reading = 3Rs per unit
Water = Rs. 7 for 50000L
Petrol = Rs.55/L
Diesel = Rs.22/L

Medical Tools:

Admin side entries:

  • Add user and user privileges
  • Add products & Price
  • Bed/Quarters pricelist
  • Test fees entry
  • Create head of accounts (expenses, advances,etc)

Medical Services Corporation
State Health Society
Directorate of Medical Education
Health & Family welfare department
Rural Health Mission

Model softwares studied:

  1. medistore
  2. medoxis
  3. compound assist
  4. purchase order demo
  5. inflow inventary
  6. micron billing

Scripts used:

Backup                    –        phpMyBackupPro
Bulk email                -        ListMessenger
Graph chart              -        Fusion chart
Barcode                   -        barcodephp
Translation               -
Map                        -        google Map
Live Chat                 -        Quick Chat
Encoding                 -        Security Guardian
Assessment              -        Osdate
Calendar                  -        electricprism calendar
Image gallery            -        4images

Separate Unit/Packages
Minimum Price
Biometric – Finger print attendance machine
Bulk SMS Software & GSM Modem
Pharmacy billing Software
Accounting software (Tally)
Barcode inventory
Lab Software
Visitor Management Software
Bulk email system


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