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    Languages Differences  
Sl.No terms C C++ Java ASP PHP VB
1 Used in System Application, System Application   Web, server-side Education, Application
2 Design goals Low level access compatibility,
Portability, Automatic
memory management
  Robustness Rapid application
3 Security unsafe unsafe safe      
4 Type checking static static static   dynamic static

Sl.No Terms Oracle Mysql MSsql Access Foxpro Dbase
1 Speed   very fast        
2 Cost   Very low        
3 Performance   high        
4 Data Protection   low more      
5 Fixed length string data type larger - 2kb low - 255byte        
6 variable length string data type larger - 4kb low - 255byte        
7 Integer large - 38 low - 20        
8 floating point   Larger FP &
double precision numbers
9 date store dates
after 4712 ce
store dates
 after 1000 ce
10 row intendifier support does not support        
11 tabels are recoverable yes no        
12 supporting types of indexes 8 1        
13 supporting user defined data types yes no        
14 support storing java in db yes no        
15 native xml support yes no        
16 support data partitions yes no        
17 clustering yes no        
18 support types of tables less more        
19 developed on 1979 1996 1989 1992   1982
20 OS support not in BSD All windows windows windows  
21 Maximam DB size Unlimited Unlimited 524,258 TB 2 GB 2 GB  
22 Max table size 4 GB 2 GB 524,258 TB 2 GB 2 GB  
23 Max row size Unlimited 64 KB 8mb 16 MB 16 MB  
24 Max columns per row 1000 3398 1024 255 255  
25 Materialized view Yes No Yes No Yes  
Sl Terms Windows XP Windows NT Mac Unix Linux Solaris FreeBSD
1 Released on 1985 1993 1984   1992 1992 1993
2 Developed by Micro Soft Micro Soft Apple Linus Linus Sun  
3 architectures supported x86, x86-64 x86, x86-64, IA-64 68k, PPC   PPC, SPARC, Alpha   PC98, SPARC,
4 File systems supported NTFS, FAT ISO 9660,
5 Kernel type Hybrid Hybrid Monolithic   Monolithic Monolithic Monolithic
6 Encrypted file systems Yes Yes Yes   Yes Yes Yes
7 Subsystem isolation
Win32 Win32 chroot   chroot chroot chroot, jail, MAC
8 Install time 20 min to 1 hr            

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