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Ø Human Resource-for candidates who are into man power resourcing or recruitment or a good exposure in Human resource management.

Finance and Controlling-for candidates with core finance and accounting exposure.

Ø Production and planning – for candidates with good production experience.

Ø Material Management- for candidates with good procurement and purchasing exposure.

Ø Sales and Distribution-for candidates with sales and marketing exposu

Techno functional modules

Business Information Warehousing- for candidates having exposure to warehousing or SAP exposure is an added advantage.


Ø ABAP/4 – for candidates with any programming language exposure and touch of RDBMS is added advantage Freshers are most welcomed.

BASIS/WAS 6.40 – for candidates with exposure to networking and database administration concepts.


Intensive training on all the components of Netweaver like

Ø XI - Exchange Infrastructure

Ø EP - Enterprise Portal

Ø BI - Business Intelligence

Ø MI - Mobile Infrastructure

Ø WAS - Web Application Servers

MySAP Components

Intensive training on all the components of MySAP like:

Ø CRM - Customer Relationship Management

Ø SCM - Supply Chain Management

Ø SEM - Strategic Enterprise Management

Ø SRM - Supply Relationship Management

Ø HCM - Human Capital Management

PLM - Product Life Cycle Management

Ø MDM - Master Data Management

Ø QM - Quality management

Ø PS - Project systems

Ø BO- - Business objects

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