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Rain water harvesting is essential because :-

Surface water is adequate to meet our demand and we have to depend on ground water.

Due to rapid urbanization infiltration of rain water into the sub – soil has decreased drastically and recharging of ground water has diminished.

Over – exploitation of ground water resources has resulted in declined in water levels in most part of the country.

To enhance availability of ground water at specific place and time.

To arrest sea water ingress.

To improve the water quality in aquifers.

To improve the vegetation cover.

To raise the water levels in wells & bore wells that are drying up.

To reduce power consumption.


To harness good quality water resource now being wasted
To augment the expensive piped water supply
To save expenditure on water
To prevent soil erosion and urban flooding
Inexpensive and simple technology
Aids ecological conservation
To prevent groundwater depletion

An ideal solution of water problem in areas having inadequate water resources.

he ground water level will rise.

Mitigates the effect of drought & achieves drought proofing.

Reduces the runoff which chokes the storm water drains.

Flooding of roads is reduced.

Quality of water improves.

Soil erosion will be reduced.

Saving of energy per well for lifting of ground water – one meter of rise in water level saves about 0.40 KWH of electricity.

Components of Rainwater Harvesting System

Catchment area
For flat Conveyance system
For flat First rain separator
For flat Filter unit
For flat Storage
For flat Delivery system
For flat Usage
For flat Recharge


There is more ground water than surface water

Ground water is less expensive and economic resource.

Ground water is sustainable and reliable source of water supply.

Ground water is relatively less vulnerable to pollution

Ground water is usually of high bacteriological purity.

Ground water is free of pathogenic organisms.

Ground water needs little treatment before use.

Ground water has no turbidity and colour.

Ground water has distinct health advantage as art alternative for lower sanitary quality surface water.

Ground water is usually universally available.

Ground water resource can be instantly developed and used.

There is no conveyance losses in ground water based supplies.

Ground water has low vulnerability to drought.

Ground water is key to life in arid and semi-arid regions.

Ground water is source of dry weather flow in rivers and streams.

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