Windows files & uses

msoprefs.232 = preference files store data and settings for organization chart
.Dll = is an executable file that typically contains a library of function that can be used simultaneously by multiple processes.
.cdf = a mapping file of the website contents
wininet.dll = processes activex controls
shdocvw.dll = enables the browser to navigate the web, view html pages and link to favorites
mshtml.dll = this is the engine that renders html
urlmon.dll = processes URL to provide http connectivity
conf.adm = specifies policies to control user and computer acces privileges for your netmeeting
inetres.adm = variety of internet and code download settings
oe.inf = specifies policies to help reduce internet mail and news support costs
shell.inf = restricts access to system shell function
subs.odm = specifies policies for channels and subscriptions
chat.adm = restricts access to chat function
inetset.adm = specifies and locks down settings for IE advanced settings
vdmredir.dll = redirects file system and i/o request to win32 subsystem
user.exe = translate user API calls into win32 calls
GDI.exe = translate win graphics calls into win32 calls
wowexec.exe = provide win3.1 emulation for vdm
sizer.exe = used by memmaker only
ANSI.sys = to run mode command
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