Parenting tips

Why exclusive breastfeed up to 6 months?

* Kid gets the best food from mothers breastfeed
* Provides the required vitamins, anti-biotics etc
* No need for any supplementary food
* Don't worry about weight chart, given by hospitals - they are not really made for India kids

Why feed upto 2yrs?

* Make your kid healthy & stronger to fight any germs or infections
* Breastfeed kids will stay healthier than bottle fed
* Did you know, India has an act against promotion, marketing of Infant food substitutues -
* Avoid any kind of food supplements, bottle feeding your kid

0-1 Yr

* Parent need to engage with kid to help them with exploration of the things around them
* Creating a mobile for the kid's cradle
* Helping the kid to start talking
* Giving bath to the kid
* Changing diapers

1-2 Yrs

* Helping them to walk around, feel new things, explain different objects
* Sit & play with the kid
* Building blocks or initial set of puzzles - help them learn the art of the game
* Dedicate at least an hr or two everyday to be with the kid
* Taking them out for a walk or park area

2-3 Yrs

* Age for building further bonding with the kid
* Teaching good behavior through books
* Helping your kid to engage with other kids
* Teaching them to share their toys
* If you start with school - try if you can drop or pickup the kid for few days in a week
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