Merits of Outsource: (Outsouring Advantages)

01. Save money, time & energy and reduce work tension.
02. No need to recruit, hire, or train new employees and no training cost. Wide gap between personnel costs in India and developed countries.
03. Projects are completed on time, on budget, and on requirements.
04. You eliminate expenses related to retention of employees, including insurance, worker's compensation, social security, and company-provided benefits.
05. Control capital costs & operating costs.
06. State-of-the-Art Technology.
07. No maintenance of office buildings with lift, canteen, vehicle parking & power generator.
08. 24 hours working.
09. Access to diversified pool of skilled professionals.
10. Keep pace and minimize the impact of rapid changes in applications and standards.
11. Extend the reach to more trading partners quickly and efficiently.
12. No risk of buying and maintaining additional infrastructure.
13. Avoid paying bonuses, benefits such as paid leave, sick leave, advance salary, insurance, compensation package, etc. as associated with regular staff.
14. Your Competitors may be doing it (Outsource).
15. Retain the technical and skilled staff.
16. For cash infusion.
17. Accelerate reengineering benefits.
18. Create a new work environmnet like "work from home"
19. Spend more time with family
20. Offshore companies deliver quality services at affordable rates due to improved competitiveness.
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