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ATM/Debit card General Precautions

1. Don't write the Personal Identification Number [PIN] behind the card or in a place visible to others.
2. Don't use an easily identifiable number like birth date/year or vehicle registration nimber as PIN.
3..Don't disclose the PIN under any circumstance to any person, including the officials of the bank.
4. Please don't respond to e-mails/telephone calls asking you to key in your PIN or to inform your PIN over phone or asking for personal information.
5. Sign on the back of the card to prevent its misuse at merchant establishments.
6. Don't lend your card to anyone or leave behind as security deposit.
7. Write down your cardnumber, toll-free number and other reporting numbers in a safe place and immediately hot-list the card if it is lost or stolen, by calling these numbers.
8. Cut the card jhorizontally and diagonally into 4 pieces before submitting the card back to the bank for cancellation.

While using the card in ATM

1. Please take all precautions to prevent others from seeing your PIN when it is being entered in the ATM.
2.Beware of strangers offering help in carrying out ATM transaction.
3.Be alert about strange/suspicious objects near the ATM like tiny cameras overlooking the keypad, skimming device, transparent overlays on ATM keypads, etc.
4. Scrutinise the transaction slip for any discrepancies and preserve it for submision to the bank in case of any dispute in future.
5. In case the card is captured inside the ATM, immediately report it to the card issuing branch.

While using the card at Merchant Establishments
1.Please ensure that the card is swiped in your presence.
2. Be alert about any suspicious additional fixtures in the terminal where the card is swiped.
3.Please verify the amount before signing the charge-slip and sign only one charge- slip for a bill.
4. Preserve the charge-slip till the transaction is correctly reflected in the bank statement.

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